Have you ever stopped to think what is in your sun cream?

 Do you just pick up whatever is on offer and slap it on your skin?

Taking time to find out what is really in your products is really important, you could easily end up buying suntan lotion with very toxic ingredients that can be absorbed into your skin or ingredients that damage to the environment, especially our marine life.

 If those long words on the back of the labels mean nothing to you (and lets face it for most of us it’s all double-dutch) then why not use an app like Think Dirty. It’s an independent company based in Canada that allows you to scan by bar code or type in by manufacturers name the products you are using. The app will tell you on a scale of 0 to 10 just how toxic those ingredients are. For me Think Dirty was a total eyeopener. Don’t make the mistake of thinking just because it is sold in the High Street it is harmless and safe to use on your body.

 Buying a good quality mineral sunscreen is really important, here’s a really great article that explains better than I ever could about how the quality of your sunscreen far outweighs the SPF


This article highlights the need to reapply all sunscreen regularly regardless of SPF and the real benefits of using sunscreen with titanium dioxide, antioxidants & broad spectrum protection 

Tropic skincare’s suncare range is 100% mineral protection, and contains titanium dioxide plus zinc oxide, these ingredients sit on top of the skin abd act like a mirror to bounce those UVA and UVB rays back off the skin instead of absorbing them in

Ingredients like Kahai oil high in Vit E and Roucou oil rich in beta-carotene ensure that our suncare is high in anti-oxidants too which boost your own skins melanin production to help your own skin fight against UV rays faster

 The whole range offers broad spectrum protection & is water resistant too and like all Tropic skincare products a little goes a long long way.

 But for me the really important thing is that our sunscreen does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the environment. For example one nasty is Oxybenzone this particular toxin is responsible for damaging so much of our coral reefs. One drop of Oxybenzone into an Olympic size swimming pool would kill all the coral on the bottom of that pool.

 I am delighted that countries such as Hawaii and Mexico are already aware of this fact and have now banned tourists from using any products that contain these ingredients. If you are going on holiday there then make sure you stock up on a mineral sunscreen like Tropic as you won’t be allowed to use anything else.

So if you would like to more and want make sure you are slapping on a mineral suncream this Summer then please get in touch.

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