What difference does it really make to switch to a Natural Skincare range?

Moving to natural skincare will make such a difference on so many levels!

 Your skin will thank you for it, as this stuff works, it really works. The natural uplifting scents will make your bathroom smell like a spa and give you a moment of “me time” at the start and end of your day. The products are kind to your skin.  As your skin detoxes you will see you develop a healthy radiant complexion.  I can spot a Tropic customer anywhere as they always have a lovely healthy glow to their skin.

You won’t be putting toxins and nasties onto your body and that’s got to be a good thing.  But, it’s not just about the products on your skin it’s also about buying a range of products that don’t damage the environment, with NO nasties anything that gets washed down the drain as you shower or wash your hair or take off your make up is not getting put into our seas and damaging the marine life.  We don’t use those microbeads or any liquid plastics in our products. So you can use Tropic safe in the knowledge we are kind to the environment.

Isn’t it expensive? 

Time and time again my customers are surprised at the prices, with a cleanser and bamboo cloth starting at £18 it really is on par with any of the high street products but compare the quality of our ingredients with these ranges and you will see that we consistently outshine them and the high end premium brands too.

 At Tropic we have an ethical pricing structure so you won’t see massive discounts on our range, we offer a fair price all year round. It’s also worth checking out our ABC collection as these are very cost effective, you can buy a cleanser, bamboo cloth, toner and moisturiser for £56 and we will then give you a free face mask of your choice which is worth £20.  Used twice a day those products will last you at least 4 months, that’s 48p a day.  Incredibly good value for money.

Can I try a sample?

 We don’t offer samples for a number of reasons.  The first is that a small sample isn’t really going to help you work out if you like the products, it is also not going to make much difference to your skin. You can discover if you like the smell but that’s about it. Those small sample packs are also very wasteful, all that packaging is not good for the environment.

 What we would like you to do is to really try the products in the privacy of your own bathroom.  If you are local to me (or one of my team) then we would be only too happy to lend you a Tropic borrow box, it will be full of goodies from our range and tailored to your skincare needs (or fake tan or body care depending on what you are interested in) or you can order our Skincare Discovery Set at £28 it contains everything you need for 4 – 6 weeks, so it’s perfect to try Tropic or for going on holiday.  There is a mini cleanser and bamboo cloth, toner, moisturiser and a mini bottle of our award-winning rainforest dew serum, which everyone needs!

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 You could also try our full size ABC collection at £56 and see how your skin feels about being thoroughly pampered or perhaps treat yourself to a Deluxe Skincare Selection at £100 (if you take the no bag, eco option, its £98 )  this collection is packed full of everything you will ever need serums, night cream, facemask and products galore all selected exactly for your type of skin.

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But whatever you decide to try you can be very confident, as we offer a 30 day happiness guarantee on all our products.  So buy it and try it, if you are not sure and would like your money back then we will give you a freepost label to return everything for a full refund. We are that confident in our products.

Can I buy Tropic in the shops?

 You won’t find Tropic in the High Street shops as it’s just too fresh!  Everything in the High Street has been made several years before and is packed full of preservatives and toxins to ensure it can last as long as possible.  Those nasties are the things you don’t want to be putting onto your skin. 

 We make everything fresh to order in our Beauty Kitchen in Surrey, we preserve it using a combination of cornflour, basil and star anise. Like food it will have a use by date and that’s usually around 14 – 16 months from when you buy it (except the face masks which are around 6 months and need keeping in the fridge) This means we can’t stock Tropic in the shops and so you will only be able to buy it from an Ambassador like me, you can contact me direct or got to my website and order from the shop tab.

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