Tropic’s gorgeous natural ingredients for their skincare and make up comes from all over the world.

On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words why not take a look at their world map that shows you where they source our ingredients from.

Tropic use the most advanced actives and ingredients for their formulations.
However, for certain ingredients, sourcing them from the natural environment is not always a feasible option. It can be challenging to source specific ingredients directly from nature, on account of it being too expensive, environmentally unsustainable (e.g. cutting down an entire plant for one isolated extract) or simply impossible due to the extract only being found in extremely small quantities in nature.
Nature identical extracts are an effective solution to this problem. They are replicas of ingredients that exist in nature and as a result, have exactly the same properties. Compared side by side, there is no difference in their chemical structure, hence the name “nature identical”. Using nature identical ingredients allows us to bring you the most nutritious, freshly made products at a lower price, all whilst being more eco-conscious.
As always, Tropic formulations with nature identical ingredients are designed for those with even the most sensitive skin, are non-toxic and are never tested on animals.

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