A Tropic Skincare Review – What’s It REALLY Like Being A Tropic Ambassador


This Tropic Skincare Review is for anyone who is wondering what it’s REALLY like to be a Tropic Ambassador. Being part of the one of the fastest growing UK beauty brands is very exciting. The company is expanding quickly, but it’s overriding ethos is for clean, sustainable, vegan products which are good for your skin. No nasties here!

A Day in the Life of a Tropic Skincare Ambassador

Why are so many people setting up their own businesses? Figures from the Government show that 5 million people were registered as self-employed at the end of 2019. People choose self-employment for many different reasons but one of the most common is the flexibility that it can provide. When you are self-employed you have autonomy to choose when, where and how you work and that’s an attractive proposition for many.

So, what does a day in the life of a Tropic Ambassador look like?


Actually, no, my day does not start with an early alarm call. I get up around 8. I have a leisurely breakfast, do some yoga and get ready to start work. Wander to my home office around 9.30 and check my emails. Today’s schedule is busy, but not overwhelming. One of the advantages of running a Tropic business is the flexibility to set your own agenda – I prefer to have a slightly later start in the morning and work a bit in the evenings – especially when we are able to do pamper parties. As a team leader, I’m often helping members of my team to grow and so today there’s some team training as well as a couple of 1-2-1 support calls.

 Training & support

Every Tuesday evening and Friday lunchtime I host a team call where all the Tropic Ambassadors in my team come together to discuss a particular aspect of running your business. The trainings range from how to get set up and organised, how to do your marketing, how to run a pamper party and much more. There are always new things to learn, so I make sure training is easily accessible – it’s recorded so you can watch at your convenience.

But, back to the email.

I’ve received one from a customer who loves the products and has been using them for about a year. She asks:

“Michaela, I’ve been thinking about starting my own business and I wondered if you could let me know a bit more about the Tropic opportunity.

I email my customer back, suggesting that we have a quick call so I can explain how it all works. Let’s see what happens. There’s never any hard sell, for either the products (they sell themselves) or joining the team. I only want people who are 100% happy to be involved.

I have a couple of support calls with new team members who need a hand with their marketing strategy, and they are raring to go. My door is always open and I’m here to help my team members be as successful as they wish.

Now for a quick cup of tea before the training call.

It’s time for the Friday lunchtime call. I wonder how many people will be on live today.

 Marketing your Tropic business

Today’s topic is using Canva to create social media posts. The great thing about Tropic is all the support that you get from Head Office. There’s an online platform which all ambassadors have access to which gives you loads of marketing assets from photo to social media templates to customer emails. You never have to feel like you are on your own – there’s always someone there to help you succeed.

After the team call, I have my lunch and take a walk to clear my head. I love the fact that I have complete freedom in my business. I can work when, where and how I like, but with the added benefit of knowing where to get support from our great team at Head Office if I need help with anything.

The afternoons are starting to draw in, so I settle myself in my cosy study with another cuppa and plan out the next month’s training calls. Of course, I’m guided by what my team needs so they input too, but I’ve been doing this long enough now to know what the most important topics are that come up, so next month we will be looking at organising your work day, using email marketing and blogging for business.


Being a Tropic Ambassador is fun

This evening I’m doing an online pamper session with a Christmas theme. BC (before COVID) this would have been an in-person event at the hosts house, but like everyone else, we have adapted to virtual sessions. The host and her guests seem to love everything I show them. The only problem is deciding which gifts to buy.

There are a lot of perks of being part of this fast-growing, multi-award-winning company. If you choose to, you can grow your own team and be eligible for all sorts of great bonuses, such as amazing holidays to some of the places where we source the natural ingredients used in all the products. Each year there are two national conferences to launch new products and celebrate successes. But the most important thing to me, is the day to day encouragement and support that all ambassadors give each other. It truly is a Tropic family.

If you’d like to find out more about getting involved with Tropic and owning your own business, I’d love to chat to you – no hard sell, I promise.

Drop me an email at michaela@michaelavaux.com

 Until next time

Michaela x

Tropic Skincare Review