Tropic Skincare Christmas Gifts for Mum and Dad This Year 

If you’ve never tried a Tropic Skincare product, now’s the time because we have some brilliant Christmas gifts for mum and dad but don’t forget all the other members of the family – we don’t want any jealousy on Christmas morning!

There are so many great products to share so I’m writing this blog post in two parts.

Tropic has some fantastic new Christmas gifts for anyone who likes organic, vegan, cruelty-free products which are beneficial to us and to the environment.

Let’s take a look at the Best Skin Baubles – there are 3 collections


The NOURISH collection contains:

Smoothing Cleanser complexion purifier (scented) 50ml

Skin Dream age-defying firming cream concentrate 15ml

Elixir age-defying omega oil 5ml

Rainforest Dew hydration serum 5ml

Bamboo Face Cloth

The  NOURISH collection is perfect for older skin – great Christmas gifts for mum and dad, but you’d better get them one each or there could be trouble!

Our NOURISH bauble contains two of our super serums – Elixir and Rainforest Dew. Both products are brilliant for improving the hydration of the skin which is vital when spending a lot of time inside with the drying effects of central heating wreaking havoc on your face. Topped off with the perfect pairing of our award-winning Smoothing Cleanser and Skin Dream age-defying cream concentrate, your skin has never been so pampered.

 Next up is the GLOW collection which contains:

Clear Skies cleansing powder 18g

Glow Berry brightening serum 5ml

Skin Feast nourishing cream concentrate (unscented) 20ml

Sun Drops gradual tanning facial serum 5ml

Bamboo Face Cloth

For those who want to put the woes of 2020 behind them and look forward to a brand-new year, there’s our GLOW bauble. If you’re feeling a bit pale and pasty having missed out on your usual jaunt to the sun, then this bauble has your name on it.

With Clear Skies to create the best cleansed base, your skin will love the combination of Glow Berry serum, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin bright and radiant, and our succulent Skin Feast nourishing cream concentrate which leaves your skin perfectly moisturised and hydrated. What’s not to like?

Each bauble comes with a Bamboo Face Cloth which is wonderfully soft and kind to the skin and is presented in a square box for ease of wrapping.

Glowing Skin Christmas gift
Clear Skin Bauble

Our CLEAR collection contains:

Clear Skies cleansing powder 18g

Pure Lagoon blemish prevention serum 5ml

Super Greens nutrient boost oil 5ml

Clear Skin blemish-fighting mask 15ml

Bamboo Face Cloth


The CLEAR collection is heaven-sent for those hard-to-buy-for teenagers in your life. Our much-loved Clear Skies cleansing powder is clinically proven to reduce excess sebum (oil) by 81% after just one use and by 46% after a week of daily use. The powder also reduces blocked and enlarged pores by 35% after one use and a further 25% if used for a week. Alongside the powder, your teens can use the Pure Lagoon blemish prevention serum and the Clear Skin blemish-fighting mask. These products enable your teen to reduce the chances of a spot outbreak at a time when the weather, diet and late nights might all be contributing to problem areas on the face. Give your teen the gift of a clear complexion with the CLEAR bauble.

Here’s what Alice (age 16-20) had to say about her use of Clear Skies…

Amazing Product!

I typically have very flaky dry skin but also have large pores and reoccurring spots, however after using this product for just a week my skin has visibly reduced pores making it look much smoother, and I have no new spots. I have also been able to apply makeup much more easily without my skin flaking.

It is definitely my favourite tropic product!

If you don’t have anyone to buy a bauble for this year, why not treat yourself instead. Go on, you deserve it!

Next time, I’ll tell you about the fab Christmas Crackers – there are brilliant sets to choose from here.

Until next time

Michaela x