The Best Facial Mask For Acne – Tropic’s Clear Skin blemish-fighting mask


If you are looking for the best facial mask for acne, then look no further than our signature face mask, the Clear Skin blemish-fighting mask. Tropic also has a face-lift in jar, also known as the brightening tightening mask and the gorgeous berry scented hydrating mask.

Let’s check them out…

best facial mask for acne

CLEAR SKIN blemish-fighting mask – the best facial mask for acne

Our most popular facial mask, this product is a Beauty Bible Awards Winner this year. This mask has many raving fans who have struggled over many years with problem, acne-prone skin – some of them noticed a difference in just a couple of weeks.

Using the powerhouse combination of salicylic acid, green clay and bamboo charcoal, along with spirulina and goji berry, this mask gets right to the heart of the problem – unblocking pores, clearing out harmful bacteria and reducing redness.

With a light scent of rosemary and lime, this delicious smelling mask feels like a superfood green smoothie when you slather it on. A zingy, fresh experience for your skin that you’ll want to work into your weekly routine to keep your skin clear and healthy all year round.

‘This face mask has saved my skin. I used to suffer with really bad acne for several years in high school and after trying every product under the sun I started to give up thinking nothing would ever sort my skin out. It makes me skin feel so smooth and less red/angry. I’m so happy that I’ve found this mask it has really helped my skin and i would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering with problem skin. I also use the tightening-brightening mask makes your skin look super glowy!’

Lydia H.


best facial mask for acne

FACE LIFT brightening tightening mask – glowing, smoother skin

Your skin will be brighter than bright with our super toning and plumping Face Lift mask. Unlike the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, this product not only exists, but REALLY works. The bright orange of turmeric and Sea Buckthorn extract gives the mask its golden colour and also helps your skin feel radiant, like a little ray of sunshine. The mask uses Kaolin clay to draw out impurities from your skin and Agave nectar to hydrate, making your skin look and feel great.

‘This is a little bit of Botox in a jar and even better it’s all natural. The first time I used this I had lots of comments to say my skin was glowing and looked visibly smoother and younger. A weekly treat for my skin and would highly recommend!!’

Alison B.


best facial mask for acne

DEEP HYDRATION soothing cooling mask – intensive care for skin

Gorgeous fresh berry smells great you on opening this facial mask. Formulated with organic aloe vera, well-known for its healing properties, this mask also uses the Resurrection flower to deliver intense hydration for your skin. A powerful combination of riberries, muntries and pepperberries provides antioxidants to soothe red patches and reduce irritation. This product is perfect for those who have sensitive dry skin – a great way to counteract those drying winter winds.

‘First things first, I am a guy. And I know a lot of you will say Tropic is for women, but I am fed up with all men’s products smelling of wood and other “manly” smells. I want nice smelling things too, so I use Tropic products and I love them. They make my skin ultra-soft and I wouldn’t be without it now. Love love love.’

Matthew B.

best facial mask for acne

Can’t decide which one to try?

I know, it’s a tough choice, so why not work your way through them all 😊.

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