The 5 Ws Of Becoming A Tropic Ambassador

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, especially the one called “How Do You Run Your Tropic Business”, then you probably already know a little bit about Tropic Skincare and how you can create a part or full-time income by becoming a Tropic Ambassador. I thought it might be a good time to update the information and answer some of the FAQs that I get. T

So, let’s dive into the 5 Ws of Tropic: What, Why, When, Where and Which?

What is Tropic Skincare?

Tropic Skincare is a multi-award-winning UK based beauty brand. At time of writing (August 2020) we are one of the fastest-growing UK beauty companies and we pride ourselves on our ethical, 100% organic sustainable credentials. Launched in 2007 by Susie Ma, we’ve established a loyal customer base, many of whom have become Tropic Ambassadors.  

Tropic has roots in Cairns, Australia, where Susie grew up, surrounded by intoxicating exotic plants with powerful healing properties. Today, the company sustainably sources ingredients from the Amazon rainforest, Polynesia, Australia and other tropical areas.

At the heart of Tropic’s promise is creating a healthier, greener, more empowered world and this ultimate purpose is embedded into every aspect of the company. Whether it’s never testing products on animals to providing eco-friendly package, Tropic Skincare’s aim is to do no harm. In fact, we’ve reached Carbon Negative status, by double offsetting carbon emissions from the company’s activities.



Tropic Ambassador, mission statement to Crete a healthier, greener, more empowered world
Tropic Ambassador showing Tropic Skincare prodproducts

Why Become a Tropic Ambassador

Tropic Skincare has a network of around 20,000 (?) Tropic Ambassadors, also known as Tropic Brand Ambassadors. Many of my Tropic customers started using the products and found them so beneficial and effective that they’ve decided to become a Tropic Ambassador – that’s how I got started myself.

By becoming a Tropic brand ambassador, you’ll benefit in 3 ways

  • Personal discount on your own purchases
  • Personal commission of 25% on direct sales to customers
  • Tropic Ambassador Incentives for achieving greater team sales

Contrary to popular belief, Tropic Skincare is not a multi-level marketing company nor is it a pyramid scheme. Our company has proven, beneficial and well-loved products at its core which effectively sell themselves. Ambassadors, like me, who build a team do not receive fees for recruiting new people, nor do they make commission from those below them. However, as you rise up the levels, your own commission levels can increase and you can receive special incentives and bonuses, such as holidays abroad.

A huge advantage over many other organisations is that you have complete flexibility about how many hours you work – Tropic will never put pressure on you to meet company-set targets, but there is a lot of support for those who are keen to expand their business.


When and How Can I Join Tropic Skincare?

You can join the Tropic family at any time by purchasing your starter kit which currently contains more than £500 worth of fabulous products. The initial investment is £198 and you will also receive training and business support from others in your team. There’s never any pressure to buy stock and products can be shipped directly from the Tropic Beauty Kitchen, making ordering and distribution very simple.

Tropic Ambassador Starter Kit Picture

Where Can I Sell Tropic Products?

Tropic Skincare lends itself well to online selling via social media such as Facebook and Instagram, especially as there are lots of beautiful images provided to help show the products off brilliantly. Many ambassadors create their own Tropic products Facebook pages and groups where they can nurture a community around the products. You can see what it’s all about by visiting my Facebook Group Natural Gorgeous Skincare with Michaela Vaux or follow my Facebook Page Michaela Vaux Tropic Diamond

You can also hold online and face-to-face pamper parties, tutorials and Q&A sessions where potential and existing customers can find out more about new lines and old favourites, stock up on their must-have items and get great gifts for birthdays and Christmas and learn more about how the products work and the benefits of each.

Brand ambassadors who are also working in related industries, such as make-up artists, beauticians, hairdressers and spa owners could choose to display Tropic products in their salon.

Which Tropic Products Should I Try First?

If you are looking for great quality sun care, perhaps for a last-minute getaway before the season ends, then you won’t go wrong with our range of lotions and cooling aftersun.

I couldn’t not mention our extremely popular bodywashes which come in 5 fruity flavours – almost good enough to eat! My favourite is the Men’s bodywash because the eucalyptus, black pepper and bergamot smells so good!!


If you think Tropic could be the business opportunity for you, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch at or give me a call on 07776 138304 and we can arrange to have a chat. 

#LoveTropic for your vegan, cruelty-free, all-natural beauty journey. 

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