Did you know that 1/3 of all our landfill is from cosmetics? !!


I love Tropic because it is freshly made in the UK, certified by the Vegan Society and contains absolutely NO nasties.

Are you the average woman who owns 50 different make up items (including brushes) but uses only 9?

Tropic offers a make up choice that is





No more having colours in a palette that you just don’t use, or running out of your favourite before everything else. With our gorgeous colour palette you can buy what you like in the size you want and in whatever combination you want.

The mirror is fab for make up on the go to as you can see your full face. It is the latest in beauty innovation and allows you to create a fully personalised make up look you can carry with you wherever you go. Perfect for the modern woman.

Tropic’s make up brushes are all made of FSC wood and everything is freshly pressed and milled in their beauty kitchen in Surrey.

If you would like to know more about our make-up, I offer 1:1 lessons then let’s have a chat.  Contact me via my website www.michaelavaux.co.uk or by email michaela@michaelavaux.co.uk

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