Introducing Our Men’s Skincare Gift Set – The Groom For Improvement Collection by Tropic Skincare

Our men’s skincare gift sets are one of our hottest new products this autumn. Perfect for Christmas presents for that special man in your life, these skincare sets provide everything your loved one needs for clear, bright, blemish-free skin.

The Groom for Improvement collection features some of our much-loved products alongside our innovative Clear Slate Cleansing Powder.

Let’s dig into this brilliant set a bit deeper.

The collection contains:

Clear Slate (60g)

Bamboo Face Cloth Slate

Look Good (50ml)

Look Sharp (100ml)

Eucalyptus, Bergamot and Black Pepper Body Wash (250ml)


Clear Slate Cleansing Powder is a water-activated powder which is fantastic for removing excess oil from the skin and helping to close enlarged pores. It is formulated without water which means that the product has a longer shelf life than those containing water. Clear Slate, which is grey in colour, contains two types of encapsulated plant enzymes. The first, lipase, breaks down the fat-based impurities (sebum, excess oil) and the second, protease, breaks down protein-based impurities (dead skin cells).

Be aware that Clear Slate isn’t designed for makeup removal or use around the sensitive eye area, so If you’re wearing makeup, be sure to remove it first using Smoothing Cleanser!

It’s simple and quick to use – just mix half a teaspoon of powder with a few drops of water, work into a paste and apply to your face, avoiding the eye area. Massage in, paying special attention to any oily or spot prone areas to ensure a great cleanse. Then rinse off using the Slate Bamboo Face cloth. You can follow up with our Look Good daily moisturiser or our best-selling Skin Feast nourishing cream concentrate.

But wait, that’s not all.

Your men’s skincare gift set also contains two other products to treat your skin as the days get cooler.

en's Skincare Gift Set

The Eucalyptus, Bergamot and Black Pepper Body Wash is a firm favourite amongst men and women alike. Suitable for all skin types, but especially formulated for those with sensitive, dry or irritated skin, this body wash contains Guava Leaf Juice, Avocado Oil and Coconut – almost good enough to eat!

Here’s a recent review from a happy Tropic customer

Refreshing Body Wash

This product has a great scent to it and it lathers up really well. I have been conscious of using a smaller amount of products and not using excessively to reduce waste and the amount of packaged products I go through. Just a small amount of this product is great for washing my whole body in the shower. I look forward to using this more and seeing how it cleanses and hydrates my skin moving forward.



Men's Skincare Gift Set

Last, but not least is our Look Sharp Sensitive Shave – a 2-in-1 shaving lotion and softening beard cream. Use it to get a super smooth close shave or a silky soft beard. Look Sharp whatever your facial hair preference. This smooth lotion contains Aloe Vera, renowned for calming irritated skin, Golden JoJoba which softs the skin for a smooth close shave and Black Oat, also great for calming the skin.

Stephen said:

If Carlsberg Did Shaving Cream…

Good evening All.

After many years of searching for a shaving foam, gel, cream, lotion or potion which stopped the pain of a wet shave I finally found it. In my Christmas stocking I got a product by Tropic “Look Sharp”. I had the initial thought it would be the same as all the rest, however I was wrong. This shaving cream is amazing, close shave without the burning pain.

 Grab this product for your loved ones Christmas stocking and you’ll have one very happy chap.

To keep your skin in perfect condition, follow a regular routine of cleansing with Clear Slate, Moisturising with Look Good and tending your beard with Look Sharp – remember a little product goes a long way, so it’s great for the environment too.

If you are looking for vegan, cruelty-free, organic, beneficial skincare and makeup products for you or your family and need help choosing the perfect product, please get in touch.


Until next time

Michaela x