Kind Words

Kind Words

Here a few of the people I have helped build their Tropic business, they have enjoyed success through personal sales and recruitment. Winning incentives such as Mauritius, Visits to our Beauty Kitchen in Surrey and Spa Days. Over to them ….

Michaela is a fantastic manager offering support & guidance, encouragement and is very approachable I know that no question is too small to ask her!

Tropic has slotted into my life perfectly, a bit of Tropic love shared on the school run and a Facebook page with daily posts to keep my new customers inspired. I have no sales experience, I’m a domestic cleaner in my ‘day job’ and a busy single mum of three children under 10 years.

Team training has been a valuable part of Tropic to me. To have Michaela and others from our team to talk to is fantastic. Working alone can be quite daunting but you really do feel part of a team from day one.

Charlotte Taylor

Team Ambassador, Tropic Skincare

I joined Tropic in October 2016 and I have enjoyed working alongside Michaela as she is always encouraging and motivating me. She has lots of ideas to help me and my team progress.

Just watching Michaela go from strength to strength, winning all the amazing incentives and reaching the next levels is so inspiring for me. She is very determined and gives her team all her focus

Tropic for me has been amazing, awe-inspiring, and full of fun and laughter, exciting, informative, and I love the team building.

My plan is to use Tropic to give me some pocket money in my retirement and I know Michaela will support me all the way with my goal.

Alison Wyndham

Manager, Tropic Skincare

I knew Michaela many years ago and I have watched her develop a business and grow personally. As an Eco-Queen I fell in love with the products and ethics. I felt like I was in a professional rut and wanted help to have a new focus.

Tropic has offered me personal development (gave me the confidence to change to a more challenging but rewarding full time job), it’s given me a network of wonderfully supportive colleagues, introduced me to my customers and broadened my horizons.

Michaela has always been on hand to explain, demonstrate the products, the ethos, and the possibilities for both myself and my fledgling team. She has endless enthusiasm and belief. Her weekly team calls are like rocket fuel

Jill Roberson

Senior Ambassador, Tropic Skincare

I’m a seamstress working on wedding dresses, which is very seasonal work. Michaela is so helpful and supportive. I joined Tropic as I loved the products and wanted to earn some extra money.

Michaela always helps giving me ideas for my business and is so approachable.

We have team calls every week and team meetings at her home which she makes everyone welcome.

I am so inspired by the way Michaela runs her own Tropic business and seeing how successful Michaela is.

Michaela has always makes sure I can get to all the Tropic events, organising everything from lifts to accommodation. Training days and team calls have been very helpful and I am looking forward to growing my business.

Jackie Bailey

Senior Ambassador, Tropic Skincare

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I joined Tropic because I couldn’t stop raving about the products and telling my friends. Michaela never puts me under any pressure to sell. I run my own Accountancy practise and I am licensed Lay Minister so I am a busy lady.

Tropic is so rewarding and there is lots of laughter in this business, I want this to be my retirement income when I give up my day job.

I love meeting with the other team members and it feels great to be part of something so amazing. Our team calls are a fabulous way to share ideas and get answers to queries and help you plan what to do next.

Michaela has loaned me product and equipment to help me get started and answered all my questions, she is so encouraging. Goal setting and working with us to help us take the next step on our Tropic journey.

Tracey Nicholls

Manager, Tropic Skincare

I was on maternity leave and wasn’t planning on going back to work but liked the idea of having a bit of pocket money. Michaela has shown me that I can run my Tropic business around my young daughter and given me confidence to talk to people.

She is always there to help when I have a question and out my mind at ease.

I take Michaela as my example of where I could be in a few years’ time. It is always lovely to meet other ambassadors and our Team Training days are brilliant at building my confidence to achieving more with Tropic and improve my business.

It’s great that I found a job I can enjoy and not had to get a dead end part time job to earn money of my

Emma Dickinson

Senior Ambassador, Tropic Skincare

My Tropic goals are very clear to me and Michaela is working closely with me to help me achieve this. I have to juggle my time as I have a very busy full time role as a Director of two Day Care Nurseries.

Michaela is very flexible in the way she supports me and always at the end of the phone. She offers lots of training and meetings and is very good at drip feeding ideas. Tropic is a very polished and professional company and I love their products.

Jacqui Stoneman

Senior Ambassador, Tropic Skincare