Are you looking for a flexible, home-based business?

The great thing about Tropic is that it is so flexible that you can literally work where and when it suits you.  I am writing this blog sitting on a sofa in front of a roaring fire with a gin and tonic in front of me.  My hubby is watching some Netflix Scandi drama (I hate them!) and I am taking the chance to write this blog.

There is never, ever any pressure with Tropic you can do as much or as little as you like, and I think that is key for so many of my team.  It can literally fit in around your life how you want it to.  So many of my team already work full time, many run their own businesses, but they fell in love with the products and wanted to be part of this amazing company. 

How much time do I need? 

Several of my team allocate one evening a week to their Tropic business and they will focus on their customers, admin, training and all things Tropic related for those few hours.  They are really successful because they do this consistently every week and are very focussed during the time they allocate to their Tropic business. Even if you committed just one hour every week for the next year you would soon start to build your own business, make that commitment two hours each week and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Remember you can easily watch a training video, contact customers, place orders and do admin tasks on your mobile these days ..and if you don’t know how to I can even teach you that, around my kitchen table.

Will I get help to get started?

As a Diamond Manager for Tropic it’s my job to help you have all the skills and knowledge you need to establish and build your own Tropic business.  Waiting for the kids at school pick up time, commuting on the train to work, it’s surprising how quickly you can carve out small chunks of time and use them productively to spread the word about your business.

What is the key to success?

For me the key is talking about Tropic and encouraging people to try it on their skin.  We all love telling our friends about the good things we have found, that fab new restaurant in town, a great film we have seen. Sharing Tropic and all the products, the ethics of the company and why natural skincare matters is no different.   Many of the Mummy’s in my team can’t work evenings as they are needed at home (or don’t want to) and they have built very successful businesses at the school gate, telling their friends about products, sharing a catalogue and even lending out a borrow box of goodies for people to try in their privacy of their own bathroom.

How do you tell people about Tropic?

As part of my Tropic business I run pamper evenings and workshops, one lady will act as a host and invite a few friends to join her and I appear with all my goodies and talk them through a skincare lesson or demonstrate the make up or even run a foot care pamper night.  Everyone gets to enjoy and try the products and learn why it matters what you put on your skin.  I can help them with any skincare queries they might have and it’s a fun girls night in.  When I joined Tropic I said I didn’t want to do pampers, and it’s my business so that was absolutely fine but then a friend asked me to run a workshop for her …I did one evening and loved it so much that its now a regular part of my business.  I love sharing why de-toxing your bathroom cabinet really matters, and I love being able to help people to improve their skincare.  You can always spot a Tropic customer as their skin glows!

Could it be my full-time job?

Tropic is now my full-time business but I wanted to make sure I have a healthy work/life balance and so I always schedule time in my day for yoga, dog walking and the things I want to do but when it’s my Tropic time I am very focussed with clear goals and lists of what I want to do and how to achieve my ambitions.  But if you are someone who doesn’t know where to start, if you have never run a business before don’t worry as I can help you with all of that and a lot more too!

What training do you offer?

You will get access to lots of support and training, from an on-line platform designed to give you everything you need from social media images to template customer emails.  Plus every Tuesday evening and Friday lunchtime I host a team call to help you with an aspect of your business, this call is always optional and always recorded so you can listen to it later if that time doesn’t suit you. Helping you to have clarify on how to get started, how to pamper, how to have better product knowledge, helping you to understand your why and supporting you every step of the way.

Regular team meetings and trainings are also held at my home and on Zoom.  I often do 1:1 coaching and give lots of support via my Team Facebook page.  Once a month I host Tea & Tropic session, you can call in anytime stay for an hour or stay all day and work through all your questions and help that you might need.  It’s a great chance to bring your laptop and get some work done, to meet other team members and to ask me for help on anything from posting on Facebook to setting up software like mailchimp or canva or what to do next.  There is lots of support available if you would like to access it.

Tropic Head Office are also so good at keeping us informed and uptodate, they supply great product images and information and lots of training videos too, via their website.  Twice a year we travel to the NEC in Birmingham to hear about the new products and learn about the plans for the business.  It’s always on a Saturday and a great excuse to have a weekend away or a day trip with the team. But if you can’t join us then it’s no problem as I follow up with lots of product training, info, video’s and training calls.

So how you choose to run your Tropic business is entirely up to you, three of my team have stopped their other part-time jobs and focus on Tropic but most ladies fit this in part-time around other work and family commitments, doing what they want, when they want.

I have been self-employed for over 20 years now but for me one of the greatest things about Tropic has been that there is no bricks and mortar building or shop front for me to worry about. Tropic run a website in my name and if one of my customers wants to place an order they can hop onto my  website, and Tropic will despatch their goods direct to them and simply send me the commission…its great as I can literally do this job anywhere in the world.

So that roaring fire I mentioned and the sofa I am sitting on, well it’s in New Zealand as I am here for a month visiting my son …so I feel incredibly fortunate to have a business that is so flexible that I can literally work anywhere in the world and I didn’t even have to ask the boss for time off!

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