Did you know that Lord Alan Sugar is Susie Ma’s business partner?

Tropic started in 2004 when Susie Ma our founder started making her very own body scrub, she sold 50 jam jars of what is now our Body Smooth at Greenwich Market on her very first day! She quickly realised she was not alone in her passion for fresh, natural skincare.

Alongside her studies she devoted nights and weekend to formulating recipes and making products in her Mum’s kitchen and selling them at markets across London. Her customer base grew rapidly as she added more products to the range.

In 2011 she appeared on BBC TV’s The Apprentice and Lord Alan Sugar was so impressed that he became her 50/50 business partner. Tropic moved from her Mum’s kitchen into its first dedicated Beauty Kitchen.

Lord Sugar is involved in all aspects of Tropic and attends our twice yearly product launches. In the summer he invited the top 25 business builders in Tropic to spend a day on his superyacht the Lady Ann, it was an amazing day as he shared with his vision for the future of Tropic.

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